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How do I pay my outstanding balance?


 Accepted methods of payment are;


·        A/c Laser Adventure Holidays

·        Sort Code 09-01-29

·        A/C # 31015411

·        Ref : Your Name (and inv# if possible)

 Childcare Vouchers

Laser Camp are happy to accept childcare vouchers from any registered company. We already have accounts with most of the popular companies and the a/c number that you will need to give the provider is:

Often you will need our OFSTED number: 105875

Accor (Edenred): P531446

Computer share (Busy Bees): 0007925284

Sodexo (Saycare): 156560 (Laser registered postcode EX2 4NS or EX2 9SU) Care4: 78866363

Kiddivouchers: EX2 4NS

Government Tax Free Childcare

Reference number = Ofsted number 105875 Registered Postcode EX2 4NS


Cheques can be sent to; Laser Summer Camp, 40 Ide Lane, Exeter, EX2 8UT


Please make your cheque payable to “Laser Holidays” and write your name and address on the back.


What should my child wear and what should I pack?

Dress for the forecast weather.  We will be going outside throughout the day and taking part in activities that could make them muddy or painted!  Clothes that are suitable for the weather and that aren’t precious are ideal.  Trainers are a must.  On sunnier days please apply sun cream in the morning plus a named bottle, they will be reminded to reapply after swimming.  A bag containing a cap, jumper and light-weight coat (all named) is also recommended.

In addition please supply your child with a healthy packed lunch and mid-morning snack, plus a bottle of water.  Please no nuts though as we may have children who are allergic.  They will have the opportunity to refill their bottle throughout the day.

The children swim every day (the only exception is the Easter Camp at Blundells).  So please send you child with a named swimming kit each day.

We advise that children do not bring their electronic devices onto camp. 


Can you support children with Special Education Needs?

At Laser Camp we will always try to accommodate children with additional needs.  To help us determine if we can provide the level of care you require it would help if you could provide us with some more details.  An EHCP or similar school report would be great. 

If your School, yourself or Laser Camp feel that one-to-one support would be required, we can recruit someone specifically for this role, providing we have enough notice.  We charge an additional £60 a day for one-to-one support (on top of the cost of camp) and ask parents to cover this cost.  If your child has already been assessed formally and identified as requiring such support you should find that you are eligible for additional funding through a government scheme.  If not, you could discuss this with your child’s School SENCO to see if it is something that you could pursue.

In some cases, where a one-to-one support requirement is unclear, we are happy to trial a morning session.  We will check on your child during this time to see how they are getting on and carry out a post-session discussion with the group leader.  This would be on the understanding that parents or carers remain contactable during this time.


Will my children be in the same group?

At we group the children by age. If children are close in age this is something that we can usually achieve, get in touch by email and we can make a note on our system. 

However, it becomes more difficult as the age-gap increases.  Our activities and timetable are adapted according to age as we find a different social and physical dynamic between the age groups.  Keeping groups as similar in age as possible makes it easier to manage for our staff and for the children’s own enjoyment.  We also find they are more likely to make new friends if they away from siblings.


Why do you not offer individual days in the summer?

Our Exeter Camp is where Laser started and was set up to be a holiday camp at heart.  We have so many different activities on offer in the summer, that coming for a couple of days wouldn't give a true holiday camp experience, and to have children dropping in and out can affect the group dynamics and the friendships that form within it.  There are also multiple logistical and timetabling issues that would make it not a viable option.  The only exception is in week one, where we have agreed that children can join us for the second half of the week if they are at a school that breaks up late.                                                                   

Our camp at Blundell's in Tiverton, is slightly smaller and we can offer a three-day flexi-pass option if that is a viable option for you.


Do they swim every day?

Exeter School Camp:

All groups will be timetabled to swim everyday in an indoor heated pool.   During the summer we do offer additional swimming lessons which are daily and Paul will usually try to timetable these to be just before or after their group swim so that they aren't getting changed twice.  I would advise these are more for beginners learning to swim and not for developing strokes or technique.  These group sizes will be between 1-3 and the cost for the week is an additional £40.                                         

Blundells School Camp:

At Blundells we have the use of an outside heated pool which is only available during the summer camp.  We currently do not offer additional lessons at this site, but it is something we are looking to add in the near future.


Can I change my booking?

At Laser we are happy to accommodate requests to change dates, and this can be done online through your account.  Please see our terms and conditions for more details and exceptions


What is your cancellation or refund policy?

Any cancellations of camp places must be received in writing with supporting medical evidence if relevant.  We will need at least 28 days’ notice before the camp date(s) you would like to cancel, we will refund all monies paid, minus an administration fee of £10 per child per day.  Payments will be refunded to you by the original payment method.  If you have paid by childcare vouchers we will contact the provider to check if they accepts refunds. Not all childcare voucher providers accept refunds.  In this instance we can keep the payments as credit towards a future booking.


What are your opening hours?

Our standard day starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm.  We ask that parents drop children off between 9.00am and 9.30am and collect between 4.30pm and 5.00pm.  Our extended care hours are 8am to 9am (Early Birds) and 5pm to 6pm (Late Leavers) and can be booked at an additional charge.   


Do you take bookings from international visitors?

We welcome international children however we require that they are able to understand enough spoken English to be able to follow the instructions from the leaders.  We require a local telephone contact number and address once you are in the UK, in case of an emergency.  Children who visit us as part of an international language school liaison programme are exempt from needing to speak English.  Please contact us for further information. 


What do I do if my child is ill?

Laser requires that all children who are ill or infectious be kept home for the full duration of their ailment, and for 48 hours after the last symptom occurs.

If a child is not attending a scheduled day on camp, parents/carers need to telephone the Camp Manager (07879 999082) before 9.30 to allow us to update records.  


How do I reclaim my lost property?

If you believe that your child has left an item on camp, please contact the Camp Manager who will do their best to assist you.  Lost property will remain on camp until the last day of the season.  Unclaimed lost property will be donated to charity 14 days after the last day of camp.